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uber promo codes south africa


Uber promo code south africa

Uber promo code south africa

How to use an Uber Promo Code “dawprodue”

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iPhone / iPad

Web application

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Uber is a ride sharing app has so far infiltrated 58 countries around the world in its five-year lifespan and shows no signs of slowing down. They managed to grow at such a rapid pace by giving out free uber rides with a uber promo code. The number of new drivers joining Uber chauffeurs doubles every six months, and last week the company officially surpassed a $60 billion Value. But for due its popularity, the startup has had a bumpy ride, enraging established taxi companies by forcing its way onto their routes and demonstrating the potential problems with the still dissilient sharing economy. While commuters and government decide what to do with Uber, here are a few interesting facts about uberthings you might not know about the company and the drivers that make it go.

1. Drivers don’t get discounts or special uber promo codes.

When Tebogo, an UberX driver in Johannesburg, answered his phone to speak with me, he was walking a 3 kms to the airport to avoid having to pay for a cab. Uber drivers don’t get any discounts or special uber promo codes when they are passengers,

2. It made life hell for a design firm.

A NYC design firm registered the name Uber Inc. way back in 1999. When the car service with a nearly identical moniker joined the scene, the design firm’s founder became inundated with phone calls aimed at the taxi company, which didn’t (and still doesn’t) provide a customer service phone number. Uber Inc. received 500 phone calls in four months from frustrated passengers and even drivers looking for their paychecks, according to the New York Post. One driver even accidentally sued the design firm for an on-the-job injury. The steadfast Uber Inc. has kept its name, but owner Herta Kriegner  has sadly had to make the companies google business account lists the company as “not the uber technologies ride share or car service company.”

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3. Uber babies get special onesies.

One human has breathed its first breath of air in the back seat of an Uber car. In March of this year, Zanna Gilbert gave birth to her daughter in a Nissan Altima, which her husband hailed through the Uber app. The baby and mother were both fine, and Uber gave the driver free tickets for his excellent handling of the situation. The company also paid to have the car cleaned. The uber baby got a special Uber branded onesie.

4.  Uber Cars can not be more than 10 years old.

All uber cars must have at least four doors. Uber does a personal inspection of the vehicle before you can drive it under the uber name. They look for exterior damage, cleanliness, wear and tear. Some cities allow the inspection to be performed by a fellow Uber driver with a high rating who’s been deemed responsible enough to deserve the title of “Pro Uber Driver.”

5. Some Uber drivers rent their cars. And their phones.

Believe it or not some Uber drivers don’t use their own car. There are allot of small business who let uber drivers rent cars by the week. Some sasi South Africans have opened up some very successful small businesses with fleets of up to 15 cars.

Uber also has opened a leasing program that connects drivers with partner dealerships.

The small business normally supplies the phone and the setup account.

6. The tip isn’t “included.”

This is a big misconception about UberX, one of the company’s biggest selling points: customers get in, get to where they’re going, and get out without needing to exchange any cash with the driver. Instead, the app connects directly to a passenger’s bank account and charges them the for the ride. 80 % of that fare goes to the driver and give 20 % to Uber. That’s it.

In fact, Uber discourages UberX drivers from accepting tips when first offered, They can only take the money only if a passenger insists.

7. Uber drivers rate Uber riders – uber promo code

Uber utilizes a rating system as a way of encouraging good behavior by passengers and drivers. Both Uber driver and Uber passenger can rate one another on a 1 to 5 star scale at the end of a ride. Most drivers I spoke with said they almost always give customers five stars unless they’re obnoxiously drunk, late, or exceedingly rude.

8. Sadly you uber rating doesnt matter – uber promo code

Uber veterans who pride themselves on their highly desirable 5 star rating may be a bit deflated to learn that your rating is mostly irrelevant. It doesn’t get better service or a faster pick-up time. In fact, most drivers don’t even look at your rating before accepting you as a passenger. “I’ll accept a ride that comes in regardless of rating,” Tebogo says. Drivers only have a few seconds to accept an incoming ride request before it gets passed along to the next Uber driver, and most uber drivers would rather make a few rands off of a rude passenger with three stars than make no money. The economy is tight

The Uber ride request alert “The request sound is a big loud ‘beep-beep,’” Tebogo says. “I always panick when it beeps. It makes your heart up a beat.

9. How you rate the drivers does matter – uber promo code

If a driver’s average score drops below a 4.6, they could be “fired” (i.e. their account will be deactivated).

Please be careful when rating an uber driver as they could land up loosing their job over your thoughtless rating

10. Drivers are also judged by their “acceptance rate.”

Uber drivers need to accept 80 percent of all the ride requests they receive, the closer they get to 100 percent the better. One of the biggest draws of being an Uber driver is that drivers get to set their own hours. Uber drivers are encouraged to drive as much as possible.

11. Uber drivers don’t know where you are going until they pick you up – uber promo code

The Uber app lets passengers designate a destination, but drivers aren’t privy to this information until they pick someone up. This means it’s entirely possible for an uber driver to accidentally have a trip that’s hours away.

12. They’ve probably picked up a prostitute – uber promo code

In 2011, a controversial data deep-dive from Uber’s data scientists found a correlation between neighborhoods with a higher number of prostitution crimes and an increase in Uber rides. Uber has become the safe way for high class prostitutes to get around easily and safely.

13. Celebs use Uber, too. Even Dr Dre – uber promo code

While working during the Coachella music and arts festival, Rand says he got a ride request from a man named Dre. “I said ‘I’m looking for Dree?’ And he said ‘It’s Dre. Doctor Dre,'” Rand recalls. I had heard the name but I didn’t know who he was. He wasn’t performing at Coachella for a private party and the whole way out he asked for the audio cable to practice his music list. It took us about half hour of driving around to find the house because we didn’t have an exact address.

14. Uber drivers try to match the music to the passenger – uber promo code

“I have a series of set stations to match the personality of each personality,” Tebogo says. “Hipsters get hip music, the older crowd get classic music, the country club riders get pop.”


15. They’re not just in it for the money – uber promo code

 “It was really good pay when I first started,” says Tebogo, who first got behind the wheel for Uber in October 2015. He could make R 15,000 driving part-time from January through May, but that number was reduced to R3000 after the price cut. Uber says most drivers (roughly 80 percent) had full- or part-time jobs before they started driving on the Uber platform, so they’re not joining out of desperation for cash.

Instead, some of the biggest draws are the flexible hours and the opportunity to meet interesting characters. “It’s about the people now, not the money,” Tebogo says. Have a chat to your uber driver most of them are budding entrepreneurs who live interesting lives .

16. You can get a free ride when you sign up

Just enter the uber promo code South Africa “dawprodue” when signing up and you will get your first ride free yes I said FREE

uber promo code

uber promo code

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