Uber Promo Code “dawprodue” - Get R50 off

Get R50 off yes I said 50 bucks off your first Uber ride when you sign up and use the uber promo code "dawprodue" .

You can sign up using any of uber South Africa's platforms to sign up.

- iPhone/ iPad
- Android
- Web application

Use the uber promo code "dawprdue" now in South Africa

Get R50 off !


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Uber app

Uber have just announced that the a uber app in Cape Town is going to be 15 % cheaper as 5:00pm on 6th of April 2016. This announcement came as a shock considering  that petrol prices have just gone up. Is a Taxi ride stipp profitable at the new reported rate of only R6.00 per km. Allot of questions have now come to light about the uber app and whether they are feeling the external pressures from local municipal governments and major Taxi cab companies

Uber app announcement via e -mail

Yes, you read that correctly. As of 5pm today, we’re lowering uberX prices by up to 15% in Cape Town, which means that you can now explore your city for even less! We want Uber to be the most affordable option for you – available at the push of a button whenever you need it.

uberX in Cape Town just became even more affordable!

Can it be profitable to drive an uber

Uber app started its life as a ride sharing app not a taxi call service is it possible they got the pricing model wrong.

Uber app

Uber app

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